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userpics from photobucket?????

How can I get pictures from photobucket to my userpics???????    I have placed them in a file called my pictures, but can't get them from there to here???  I have even credited the maker!  I'm not computer smart so  if someone one could explain this as simle as possible I would appreciate it!


Sep. 29th, 2009 12:41 am (UTC)
Go to your journal home. Then on the menu bar, pick Profile, and then Manage UserPics. Once there, on the left is the uploader -- hit the Browse button and then choose the file that you want from your computer. It needs to be icon-sized or it'll reject it (if you got them from an icon community, then you're good :) ).

The Keywords box is for naming it when you select the icon -- I'd only use one word in this box because otherwise it gets confusing when you select the icon.

The Comment box is for the creator details. I usually use the < lj user= > tag to name it -- so e.g. "icon by misswinterhill"

Hope that helps, bb!