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john barrowman

Has anyone heard when or if it is even true that John Barrowman is suppose to star on Desperate Housewives?!
I'm very interested in finding out if this is true. Also about a DVD coming out in Nov. of An Evening With  John Barrowman Concert in Glasgow and it not being one that works in the U.S. and Canada?!


Aug. 9th, 2009 02:17 pm (UTC)
John told Chris Moyles he was going to LA to talk to the producers of Desperate Housewives. He then said jokingly that he was going to be a desperate housewife. I do not know if he is actually going to be on the show as that hasn't been announced yet. If you would like to keep up and be informed join OfficialBarrowmanTalk


and OfficialBarrowmanNews@yahoogroups.com

also his official site carries a calendar and lists upcoming events


Any and all of these urls will get you all the information there is on John Barrowman and what he is doing when.