So excited going to see Cabaret tomarrow at 2PM. Taking my daughter and my twin granddaughters. Have been so looking forward to see this , plus Randy! JoAnn
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All MY Friends near and far. How ever you celebrate this time of year wishing each and ever one of you Peace, Happiness, Joy and Love now and forever.
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This AM my daughter and I watched the movie "Normal Heart" on HBO, so emotional and heart breaking with a fabulous cast!
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Just finished watching this week's of Arrow. No JB the last few episodes, but looks like they are going to try and kill him off?!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all friends in the USA and a Happy Day to all the rest of friends. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Burn Gorman

Just finished watching a movie with my granddaughters, Penelope and there was Burn Gorman and just a flick of Matt Ripley, nice surprise, first time I have ever seen Burn Gorman in anything but Torchwood!

Let it snow

First snow fall for Missouri City (Houston), Texas!!!!!
Nanok and Thorn
First snowman, very small!!!!
Not usual to have snow here!!
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